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MediaFX film equipment hire for the basics, steadicam, cranes, track and dollies, motorised heads, cameras, EX3, 7D, car mounts

MOVCAM - FILM EQUIPMENT CAMERA STEADICAM HIRE & SALES       -     Tel 07 5449 8807 / mbl: 04 5515 7728
Do you want to shoot your own movie, short film or Music video?
now it's never been cheaper to rent professional digital film equipment for your film production at cheaper than film students rates

Complete Film makers Video/film kit for hire... from $215 a day

Download or open the Rates card in PDF from here .....

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Wireless follow focus
steadicam & crane etc

wireless follow focus

Remote control camera crane head
Hot Head
3 Axis

3 Axis Remote control camera crane Head

Door Car Camera Mount, EasyFit under 60 seconds
takes up to 15KG professional cameras

click here

High n Low Camera Slider from $25 a day

Camera Slider tracking



steadicam hire brisbane

steadicam hire stabiliser by Movcam Australia
MediaFX company

Samurai HQ ProRes recorder overview


high bit rate recorder up to 220mbps 4:2:2

sony pmw F3 hire Brisbane Queensland sunshine coast
Sony PMW F3 camera Hire Brisbane Sunshine coast

TThe PMW-F3 is equipped with a newly developed Exmor Super 35 CMOS image sensor which offers creative shallow depth of field, similar to that of a film camera. This sensor has an extremely high sensitivity of F11 (ISO800) with a very low noise level (an S/N ratio of 63 dB). This is a significant advantage especially when shooting in low-light conditions or at night using only ambient light.

TThe PMW-F3 employs a PL lens mount that is standard for film cameras, allowing use of a virtually unlimited number of prime and zoom lenses for 35-mm film cameras. This greatly broadens the choice of lenses for a wider spectrum of creative expression. A PL lens mount adapter comes with the camera as standard. The PMW-F3 supports the Cooke/i Technology protocol, which enables the camcorder to communicate with the lens to obtain lens metadata such as focus and iris position. The ARRI LDS interface will be supported as well. This improves post-production workflow as lens metadata can be recorded onto an SxS card and brought into the post-production process.
The recording format and recording media are identical to the existing PMW-EX1R and PMW-EX3, and proven, high-speed, intuitive XDCAM EX workflow can be used with high reliability. This workflow offers seamless integration with leading nonlinear editing software.



  • boom pole Rode

  • Rode Blimp with fluffy

  • Sony radio mic transmitter and reciever x 2 sets

  • Sennheisser shotgun mic ME44

  • XLR cables 30mtr, 15mtr, 4mtr, 2mtr, 2mtr

  • Zoom H6 professional audio recorder

  • Tascam professional digital recorder DR100

  • Audio tecknica mic

  • Azden shotgun mic

  • AZDEN field mixer 3 channel



  • LED Ringlite comes with v mount battery and or swit battery

  • LED Light 1000 watt 5600K Dimmable battery & mains (no heat) come with V Mount batteries double charger filter & diffuser

  • x 6 x LED Light 600 watt 5600K Dimmable battery & mains (no heat) come with V Mount batteries double charger filter & diffuser

  • Studio softbox 1440 watt 5600K reduceable (no heat) with diffuser

  • 3 x 800 watt red head lights

  • Arri style 1000watt spot/flood

  • Reflector 4 x 4 

  • Reflector 1 x 1

  • Diffuser / filter sheets

  • various cutters

  • clapper/slate

led lighjting

  • GRIP

  • Camera crane 8.5 mtrs with remote head

  • camera crane/jib 2.5mtrs

  • 360 Remote control head

  • car mount spider heavy duty 

  • Heavy duty tracking dolly

  • heavy duty track (steel) 6 mtrs

  • lightweight dolly

  • lightweight track (aluminium) 10 mtrs

  • Tripods 100mm x 3

  • wireless follow focus (4 mem)

  • 6 x C Stands

  • 12 x 12 overhead

Camera Crane 3.5 - 8.5mtrs


how to set up the camera crane with remote head click here

camera crane portable 8.5 mtrs total length breaks down to 3.5 mtrs length, comes with monitor,batteries, remote control head, suitable for cameras up to 25lb

Camera crane with remote control head this camera crane can be used in 2 lengths

Camera Car Rigs

from $50 a day

Car Rig for camera car

  • shoulder mount

  • 15mm rails

  • follow focus

  • matte box

  • 4x4 blue streak 2mm

AutoCue Teleprompter hire
professional 17inch complete kit with laptop or partial kit hire

we can also send our operator for use with this if required

call for quote Tel: (07) 5449 8807 mbl: 045515 7728 or contact here

Whatever your hire requirements:
if you have a small or low budget film production
but would like to have big budget equipment

we are based sunshine coast and central to Brisbane

cheap film kit rental, cheap camera rental, Sony pmw F3 hire, 

MediaFX film equipment hire for the basics, steadicam, cranes, track and dollies, motorised heads, cameras, EX3, 7D, car mounts

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steadicam hire, sony F3, Sony EX3, camera hire, camera crane and film equipment hire Brisbane 

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