This is the Small Package Film Lighting Hire

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with this package you have the full equipment list below plus
Hi Trailer with drop down door for easy access

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HMI 2.5K Par

2.5K HMI Light

x 1
2.5K HMI complete with Ballast and Cables, HMI Par Hire is a very powerful light, best utilised when bouncing light off reflectors, punching through silk or filling a room.

HMI Par 1.2

1.2k Par HMI

x 1
a powerful open face lighting fixture with a wide range of professional applications in Film, TV, or Photography.

1500W spot and Flood 2 Pack

2 pack spot and flood 1500w dimmable

x 2
2 x 1500w spot and flood Daylight LED lights dimmable.

Tungsten 1000 watt

tungsten 1000 watt

x 1
3200k tungsten fresnel style light.1000 watt

Red Light 800w x 3

Red Light Tungsten pack of 3

x 3 lights
a pack of 3 x 800watt Red Tungsten lights, 3200k

LED small pack of 3

Led lite panel pack

x 3 lights
Daylight balanced dimmable LED lite Panel works on mains and V Mount battery

Cables and Leads

extension cables

Cables and leads for all your needs

RingLite Led

Ring light led

x 1
Dimmable ringlite

LED small 80w

Led lite panel pack

x 1
Daylight balanced dimmable 80w LED flood lite works on mains and battery (D Tap)

Generator x 1

Generator 8K

x 1 Generator
constant 6000watt outputs x 2 @ 16.6amp, silence boxes optional

8 x 8 Overhead x 1

8 x 8 overhead butterfly

x 1
heavy duty 8x8 overhead butterfly with China white silk diffusion

Frame 4 x 4

4x4 frame

x 4
4x4 frame knife edge, for scrim, diffusion, bounce,
4 available

4x4 diffusion, bounce, black

4x4 diffusion

2 bounce/black, 2 x diffusion
diffusion, bounce and blacks for 4x4 frames

Flag 4 x 4 hinged x 1

flag black hinged

x 1
Flag 4 x 4 Hinged,

Crank up light stand 181cm to 380cm height x 2

Large heavy duty stand crank up

x 2 stands
2 risers extend simultaneously at one elevation of 4.4cm per handle turn. Payload of 30kg Chrome plated steel stand w/geared column. With 1 leveling leg. x 2

C Stands

 C stand hire

x 2
C stands
x 2

Light stands

light stand

x 3
lightweight stands for lighweight lights ie LEDs, Reds etc
x 3


shotbags for lights

x 8
shotbags for lights and frames
8 available

Viser Clamp 10cm

super viser clamp

x 1
Super Viser Clamp is a heavy duty, strong and versatile clamp that can mount securely on almost any surface. If you have larger lighting fixtures like 2000W hot lights, or large studio flash heads and need to be able to mount them on location, no matter where you are, then the Super Viser Clamp is perfect for you. The Super Viser will clamp securely to round or square objects, like lighting stands, street sign poles or tabletops

Foamcore Clamp

foam core clamp

x 1
designed to securely mount foamcore with a thinckness between 16mm and 56mm. Foamcore is a lightweight, very strong material made with a dense polystyrene center and covered with a thick paper on both sides. White foamcore is used as a sturdy reflector for the photo and cine industries. Even a large piece of foamcore weighs little, making it easy to work with. Light reflected from the foamcore surface is soft and even.

Open End Scrim 24 x 36 flag kit

open end scrim and flags

x 1 set
The kit comes with five 3-sided collapsible 24 x 36" frames that expand and lock into place in seconds. 5 fabrics are included: black single net scrim, black double-net scrim, solid black block, one stop silk and 2 stop white silk. Each cuts the output of a light by a different percentage and offers a different look or function. A 6.0" solid black dot and a single net black dot are included, as well as a 4.0 x 14" solid black finger and a single net finger to shape the light when working with smaller subjects
White artificial silk

small breakout box

hire breakout box

x 1
safe 15amp breakout box with RCD

Cable guard

cable guard

x 1
designed to protect cables and persons 5 metre length, more available on request

profilm hire for film


Reflector 80 x 120

light reflector

x 2
5 in 1 collapsible Reflector

V Lock batteries and charger

sony v lock mount batteries and charger

4 batteries 1 double charger
4 V lock batteries and 1 x double charger.

Trailer and Generator 8KW

Trailer hire

1 trailer 1 Generator
Trailer with drop down back door for easy loading
comes with built in and detachable 8KW generator

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